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Through wellness coaching you will identify your wellness priorities while working one-on-one with a Wellcoaches® Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Your coach will equip, empower, and motivate you to learn goal setting strategies to help you succeed in reaching your optimal wellness.

What Does Optimal Wellness Look Like for You?

  • Calm & Balanced under Stress
  • Fit and strong
  • At your ideal weight
  • Healthy eating
  • High Energy
  • Positive & Optimistic state of Mind
  • Stress Free

Anything that impacts your health, fitness, happiness, and well-being can be covered in a coaching session.

Wellness Coaching

Coaching is designed to help you develop and implement personal wellness goals and plans by:

  • Guiding growth through mindful thinking
  • Doing work that builds confidence
  • Helping you set realistic goals and overcome obstacles for success
  • Helping you draw a personal blueprint for optimal wellness

What to expect in your coaching session

Coaches don’t tell you what to do. They know, you know your life best and what will work for you. Coaches ask the questions that will help you think through what you really want and why it matters, as well as what your next steps should be.

Sessions usually last 30-60 minutes and are encouraged to be schedule weekly or bi- weekly for optimal success.

Are You Ready To Make A Change?

Research has shown that self-change is a staged process. We move from not thinking about changing a behavior, to thinking about it, to planning to change, and then testing out ways to do it before actually starting.

To move forward, our “pros” must out weight our “cons” and we need realistic strategies to meet our challenges and overcome our “cons”.

Start moving forward today and reclaim the life you envision. To achieve long lasting health, reduce health risks, and improve your quality of life, contact the Muskingum Recreation Center today!

Meghan Green, MA
Certified Wellness Coach
Exercise Specialist